Maken Noise (Heavy Edm Sound) Podcast (10-1-2018) by Maken Noise

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This maken noise ((heavy EDM sound)) podcast features various artists of inspiration. Maken noise is a great representation of this business because it features every style possible that comes to mind. its just different. something you have never heard before. Its not the standard, it’s just odd and obscure and full of energy and passion. Very bright and twisted! Sexual and tasteful for all ages and all types of people.

The artist and person however is different too! He loves to cover songs and insert his own originality during the mixes to separate himself on his own path.
If you actually listen to the words its unique and funky and crunchy and quite saucy.

Maken noise has been doing this for many years… Almost 20 years man! He releases records almost everyday and night! Some say he moves too fast! He says he just does what he does. Follow all social media websites to stay up to date and catch up with the undefeated undisputed champion of the world.

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