Liam Payne Calls Out ‘Daily Mail’ For Misleading Headline About Why He Spent ‘Time Away’ From His Son

2020-11-06T20:10:22+00:00November 6th, 2020|News|

Liam Payne has called out the British tabloid Daily Mail for a misleading headline about why he wasn’t able to see his 3-year-old son Bear.

Daily Mail reported on an interview he did with Tings magazine months ago about how Payne and his ex Cheryl Cole decided he should “be away for a little bit” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the following headline that Payne shared on his Instagram: “‘It’s not unusual for me to be in and out of his life’: Liam Payne says he and Cheryl agreed he should take some ‘time away’ from son Bear.”

“Usually I let these things slide but this is completely out of context … I couldn’t see my son because of the worldwide pandemic that is happening not because I had anything wrong with me like this headline hints at,” the former One Direction star wrote on Friday (Nov. 6).

Payne continued, “This interview was done during the first nationwide lockdown at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and I was discussing not being able to see my child which is a difficult time for any parent I wish sometimes these people would do the research and give context instead of painting people a certain way for click bait.”

Payne split with Cole in July 2018. In September, he announced his engagement to girlfriend Maya Henry.

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