Leviathan by Rhy Dongju

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‘Leviathan’ is one of the songs from the album ‘Animalistic U / Dystopia’. It is an album composed of three Acts inspired by the future of Dystopia and Cyberpunk world.
The track ‘Leviathan’ was included as the last piece of Act 3 ‘Humanistic dystopia’.

Artist bio
Rhy Dongju
Composer / Guitarist / Sound Designer
Rhy born in Republic of Korea. He studied Korean traditional music from National designated intangible cutural artist and also studied Avant-garde performance.

At the age 15, he started to playing guitar. And after finishing his military service in 2017, he began his musical career with the first album ‘Lions’den – Songbird’ as a guitarist, and ‘Transcendence’, ‘Dance of the Age Vol.1’ and ‘Animalistic U / Dystopia’ as a composer.

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