Leaping Frogs & Realistic Dates: Here’s What Went Down During Selena Gomez’s ‘Boyfriend’ Music Video

2020-04-15T10:29:36+00:00April 15th, 2020|News|

A magical love potion, three charming dates and a crate full of toads later, Selena Gomez took fans behind the scenes of her topsy-turvy fairytale video for her latest single “Boyfriend.”

The music video, which premiered last Friday (April 10) as part of her Rare deluxe edition rollout, felt like a whimsical mashup of The Bachelorette and The Princess and The Frog. But the three-minute clip she posted on Instagram today (April 14) flaunted the charming and not-so-charming parts of the short-lived rom-com.

Hunter Simmons directed the BTS clip, which showed off Gomez securing a magic potion from women casually playing cards at the dry cleaners. But everything was not what it seemed, as her former Disney Channel character Alex Russo sung in Wizards of Waverly Place, because that magic didn’t quite do the trick she intended. The 27-year-old singer surprised herself by how swooned she actually was with the male actors on set, saying, “It actually feels like dating! I was so engaged by what he was saying that I kept messing up the lyrics because I was talking to him.”

Althought Gomez’s Bachelorette-esque dates might’ve felt like fate in real life, the potion from the music video spoiled it with its toad-transforming powers. She screamed during many outtakes when Fiona, the female toad she kisses in the official clip, kept leaping out of her hands. But rest assured, “No frogs or men were harmed in the making of the ‘Boyfriend’ video,” Gomez disclosed in the Instagram caption. And after connecting with the sweet creature, the “Boyfriend” singer might be looking for a new companion after all.

Watch Gomez’s behind-the-scenes clip of her “Boyfriend” music video below.

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