Lauv and Julia Michaels Can’t Fight The Feeling in Magnetic ‘There’s No Way’ on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch

2018-11-29T18:10:43+00:00November 29th, 2018|News|

Lauv and Julia Michaels electrified The Late Late Show with their chemistry-drenched performance of “There’s No Way” on Wednesday night (Nov. 28). The duet’s lyrics have the couple finding an instant connection with each other even though the timing is less than ideal.

Lauv opened the song tenderly from behind a piano on the center of a blue-lit square platform: “You touch me and it’s almost like we knew/ That there will be history between us two/ We knew someday that we would have regrets/ But we just ignored them the night we met.”

Michaels then joined in, her rich vocals harmonizing over Lauv’s during the chorus. “There’s no way that it’s not going there,” they crooned, “With the way that we’re looking at each other/ There’s no way that it’s not going there/ Every second with you I want another.”

Michaels took the second verse as Lauv stepped down from the piano to join her. They sang to one another, stepping up and back as if a magnetic force was pulling them together despite the lyrical circumstances pulling them apart. Their gazes stayed locked on each other as they flirted through the conclusion. “We just keep on dancing right into each other,” they sang, ending up face-to-face.

Watch Lauv and Michaels’ affectionate Late Late Show performance below.

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