Katy Perry Gives a Sneak Peak of Her Baby’s Nursery During #SmileSunday Livestream

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Katy Perry saved the best for last during her latest #SmileSunday livestream on Sunday (Aug. 18), giving fans a sneak peak of her baby girl’s nursery right before signing off.

“I’m going to show you my baby room, ready? Just a little. Just a little sneak peek,” said the 35-year-old pop star, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

The mini-tour of the light pink nursery included a look at several adorable baby outfits hanging on the wall, a changing station with a large mirror, stylish lights and a circular crib with curtains behind it.

Wearing a multi-colored polka dot outfit reminiscent of a clown suit, Perry also showed off some of her daughter’s unique wardrobe, including a onesie covered with Bloom’s face and a dress emblazoned with Eggo waffles.

Check out a fan-captured video of Perry’s nursery tour here.

The singer has been hosting her #SmileSunday livestreams each Sunday over the past few weeks to promote her forthcoming album, Smile, which is slated for release on Aug. 28.

Earlier in the 45-minute livestream, when asked by a fan what her Smile tour might look like someday, Perry responded, “Who’s to know if anyone is going out in the world anymore?” But if the opportunity to tour behind the album does arise, she promises it will be “funny, weird, very modern art, wild, left-of-center, strange, joyous (and) dark at times.”

Another fan what the Smile album would smell like if it had a scent.

“It would smell maybe like fresh laundry,” the singer replied. “Like the beginning of the day. Fresh laundry. Like newness, like clearness, like what you smell when you go outside and you’re on your way to school and it’s just clean for a second, until all hell breaks loose.”

Perry also played a snippet of the her new Smile song “Tucked,” which is about “having a naughty fantasy and keeping it tucked” and “being able to play with imagination whenever you want to,” she said.

The singer is scheduled to host her next #SmileSunday livestream on Aug. 23.

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