Katy Perry Gets Surprise Visit From Orlando Bloom During Her Second #SmileSunday Live Stream

2020-08-10T13:45:43+00:00August 10th, 2020|News|

With about three weeks left before the release of her new album, Smile, Katy Perry hosted her second #SmileSunday live stream on Sunday (Aug. 9), giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect on the upcoming release.

During the approximately 45-minute Q&A, the 35-year-old pop star previewed new songs “Cry About It Later” and “Teary Eyes,” showed off some fancy lenticular album cover art, playfully teased younger fans about cassettes tapes and even got a surprise visit from her fiancé,Orlando Bloom, and her teacup poodle, Nugget.

“Hello, internet,” a smiling Bloom said into the camera, before dutifully wiping lipstick from his wife-to-be’s teeth.

Bloom’s cameo lasted less than a minute, but added some comical elements to the live stream as Perry became visibly flustered by his unexpected appearance.

“I’m not embarrassed, but it’s like you know when you’re doing something in your room and somebody walks in and it’s like, ‘This is my alone time,'” joked Perry, who is expecting her first child with the British actor.

Dressed in a shiny pink dress with black polka dots and large heart-shaped earrings, the singer also revealed that the Target deluxe version of Smile — scheduled for release on Aug. 28 — will feature an exclusive song called “High on Your Own Supply.”

Perry said the track was recorded at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in March “when I was feeling like this is the end of the world.”

The singer also revealed that a new video game-themed music video for an unspecified song could be released in the coming week.

“We used the world of a video game to tell some of our story because it does feel like we’re living in a simulation right now, where we’re all trying to get out of this episode,” she said.

Minutes before the live stream ended, Perry took a short bathroom break, telling fans she has no “control over this part of my body” anymore. “You try being very, very pregnant and holding it in,” she added with a laugh.

On the topic of pregnancy, the singer says there are two things she’s looking forward to most after giving birth: eating fresh sashimi and drinking the “dirtiest martini ever.”

Smile was originally slated for release Aug. 14, but has been pushed back to Aug. 28 due to production delays. Perry kicked off #SmileSunday — which will happen each week — to help fans pass the time until the album’s arrival.

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