Kany Garcia’s Blues Fuel New Social Media Challenge #BailemosUnBlues

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Courtesy of Sony Music – Kany Garcia

From self love to all love, the singer’s social media campaign strikes a chord.
There’s a new viral challenge in town.

Kany Garcia’s #BailemosUnBlues challenge, named after her soulful new single (“Let’s Dance to the Blues”), is an ode to all kinds of love. Garcia posted a photo with her girlfriend on Instagram last week with the hashtag and asked fans: “What makes you dance the blues? Share your photo. We dance for those who don’t have right to love freely.”

Since then, the hashtag #BailemosUnBlues has generated 34,000 impressions, with fans of all stripes posting all kinds of photos (this one is particularly cute). The organic engagement is indicative of the intimate connection Garcia, a singer/songwriter who balances poetry with reality, likes to foster with fans — and with fellow artists who she’s collaborated with and written for through the years

Back in May, when Garcia released her album Soy Yo, she also launched a #soyyo (“it’s me”) campaign with a post inviting women to post their photos to Instagram with no makeup or filters. The call attracted over 370,000 likes and comments and gained Garcia over 34,000 new followers. In addition, dozens of celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Natti Natasha, Leslie Grace, Dayanara Torres and Roselyn Sanchez, posted photos with the #soyyo hashtag.

The #soyyo campaign generated over 360,000 Instagram posts and nearly 9,000 tweets and retweets for a total of 360,000 impressions on Twitter alone.

“I’m living a moment of great fulfiment and honesty and thanks to that honesty, there’s credibility,” Gasrcia told Billboard at the time. “When you’re able to win that from people, you have the liberty to write what you want, because you know people will believe you.”

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