Justin Bieber Is ‘Making Magic’ in the Studio for Episode 3 of ‘Seasons’ Docuseries

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Justin Bieber continues to give fans a peek behind his musical curtain with episode three of Seasons, his 10-part YouTube docuseries, unveiled on Monday (Feb. 3) for non-YouTube Premium subscribers.

We already had a taste of JB’s suave Spanish-singing abilities with his 2017 remix of “Despacito,” and he seems to be riding that wave with “La Bomba,” a tune we hear the superstar recording right at the top of the episode. “Aye, loca la caramba/ Say she wanna dance to la bamba,” he sings to open the seductive tune. Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation that the cut will make Bieber’s upcoming album, Changes, set to drop on Feb. 14.

“I don’t speak Spanish,” Bieber admits. “Singers are good at imitating, so I guess I’m just good at imitating. I hear it, and I just repeat it.”

This week’s episode was primarily focused on Bieber’s strong music-making work ethic, and introducing an integral part of the singer’s team, songwriter and producer PooBear. “I think he knows me, and he knows what I’m going through and sees my journey. He’s got a mind like no other, and he helps me articulate what I want to say better than anybody,” Bieber gushes over his songwriting peer.

“I think we’re each other’s spirit animals. We’ve got a rhythm down, we figured each other out and we’re able to deliver, which is one of the hardest parts of the music business,” PooBear mirrors the sweet sentiment.

We also see Bieber hear a demo for a song called “Habitual” for the first time, which he deems “one of my favorite songs.”

Justin Bieber: Seasons will come out with new episodes every Monday and Wednesday at noon ET. YouTube Premium users can currently watch the first five episodes of the docuseries, and the general YouTube users have access to the first three.

Watch the second episode, titled “Making Magic,” below.

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