Justin and Hailey Bieber Go Fishing and Talk Summer Camp in Latest ‘The Biebers on Watch’ Episode

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It’s back to the pond for Justin and Hailey Bieber in the latest episode of the couple’s The Biebers on Watch saga, out Wednesday (May 20).

In the eight installment, Justin and Hailey go fishing. But, of course, it’s not just about catching something in the pond on their Canadian property. After all, as Justin says, “Hailey’s not much of a fisher… fisherwoman,” as Hailey notes that she mostly comes along to make sure the fish aren’t hurt and get tossed back into the water.

We also learn that JB gets up early every morning and heads down to the water hole to get inspired about making music before he heads back into the house to make said music.

Bieber then gives a fishing 101 lesson as he casts into the pond, pulling up nothing but seaweed (or is it pondweed?). Hailey notes that the property has a lynx, muskrat, fox and a bunch of toads. (Spoiler alert: Justin later nearly, almost, catches a small fish.)

The couple go on to share their love and gratitude for each other as they make small talk about how well they slept the night before and the nature of dreams.

Reminiscing about his youth, Justin recalls going to the annual fishing derby and how his friend rigged the contest by filling his catch with gravel, which they agreed was not nice, or fair. Hailey then describes going to Girl Scout Camp and dance camp, noting that her folks wouldn’t let her attend sleep-away camp.

Justin, on the other hand, went to a sleepaway camp called Hidden Acres, plus a basketball camp, as well as something called “Moms Camp” when he was 10, which was full of “mom activities” like macaroni necklaces and a “duckie dip” in the cold lake every morning.

Also, if you ate with you elbows on the table at Moms Camp, there was a song calling you out in which you had to stand on your chair and sing about your rude manners. So now it all makes sense.

The Biebers on Watch pulls back the curtain on the internal life of the famous twosome as they quarantine at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also delves into the depths of their love story; recent episodes have seen the couple playing Jenga and doing each other’s makeup and facial regimens.

Watch the newest episode below.

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