Justice’s ‘Love S.O.S.’ Video Blurs the Line Between Beauty and Blood Lust: Watch

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Courtesy Photo – Justice, “Love S.O.S.”

Justice’s Woman Worldwide live album and its eye-popping tour are stunning works of art because of the French duo’s brilliant use of dynamics. The 15-track, hour-and-a-half presentation condenses and transforms Justice’s 10-year career into an emotional journey of chaotic peaks and heart-wrenching valleys. You mosh, you hug your friends, you scream at the top of your lungs. It’s a cool thing.

About midway, “Stress” melts darkly and softly into “Love S.O.S.,” and it’s one of the most beautifully illustrative moments of Justice’s aesthetic taste. The live version of the latter is honored with a mind-freak of a music video that perfectly captures a haunting juxtaposition of blood-lust and beauty. Justice tapped director Edouard Salier, with whom they’d previously collaborated on “Civilization,” to make a quality visual that you have to see to believe.

“(Justice’s) Xavier and Gaspard wanted ‘Love S.O.S.’ to be sexy, strange, and brutal. The song is sweaty and weeping; the visuals needed to illustrate this and to be as beautiful as they are disturbing. I wanted the spectator of the video to find [him or herself] in the same voyeur position as the audience attending the show: first, to find ourselves fascinated by the performance of the pole dance, then surprised and hypnotized by its outcome.”

There’s a lot to enjoy and unpack in the four minutes. Watch the “Love S.O.S.” music video for yourself below, and do enjoy.

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