Joshua Bassett Really Wants You to ‘Feel Something’ on Nostalgic New Single

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Remember hanging out? Joshua Bassett does and the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star yearns to get back to those good-old lazy days of staying up all night running wild in the streets on his new single, “Feel Something,” released May 7.

“Only got twelve hours in L.A., no time to waste/ We’ll sneak up to the fire escape and wait for the rain/ And most days, dear, you drive me insane, playin’ your games/ Why don’t we both push past the pain, so we can say,” he sings on the opening verse of the bouncy pop song that Bassett said is hot off the presses.

“‘Feel Something’ is a middle-of-the-night, windows down, running-around-the-city-with-your-friends type of song,” he said in a statement about the follow up to his singles “Lie Lie Lie” and “Telling Myself.”

“After a year of lockdown, everyone can relate to ‘doing anything we can just to feel something.’ I’m writing and recording more than I ever have in my life, and I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun making music,” he added. “I wrote this very recently and was so excited that I just had to put it out as soon as possible!”

The uplifting chorus is given wings by the video the singer-songwriter co-directed with his creative director Sarah Carpenter. The Ferris Bueller-style storyline is pretty simple: Bassett and four friends get up to some (mild) trouble on a night out, where they wild out at a self-service car wash, push each other around in shopping carts, dance in the streets and laugh until it hurts as the sun sets behind them.

“(We felt it) Meet me in the middle of midnight/ Me, you, my Honda and the Hollywood sign/ (Can’t help it) Makin’ out on Mulholland Drive/ Barely made it out alive, crash my car on the sidewalk/ We’re selfish, we’re meltin’, we’re talkin’ s— just to tell it/ We’re stupid, we’re doin’ anything we can just to feel somethin’,” he sings on the chorus. “Just to feel somethin’/ Just to feel somethin’/ Got no plan, doin’ anything we can just to feel somethin’.”

Bassett and HSMTMTS co-star Olivia Rodrigo recently teamed up for the duet “Best Part/Even When” from the series. The second season will premiere on May 14.

Watch the “Feel Something” video below.

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