Josh Groban to Perform at Major Biden’s ‘Indoguration’

2021-01-18T10:56:40+00:00January 18th, 2021|News|

Josh Groban will perform an original dog-themed song at Major Biden’s “Indoguration” ceremony.

The virtual fundraiser, organized by the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) and Pumpkin Pet Insurance, will honor President-elect Joe Biden’s German shepherd rescue dog on Sunday (Jan. 17) at 3 p.m. ET. Major will be the White House’s first shelter dog.

Groban, a dog lover, recently shared a screenshot about “Indoguration” on his Instagram Stories, writing, “@joebiden, please let me sing for this.”

“Indoguration” is being hosted by TV personality Jill Martin, and will feature a playful contest for other rescue dogs to be a part of Major’s cabinet as the Secretary of Rescue Dogs.

The fundraiser had already registered more than 6,500 participants and raised upward of $100,000 for DHA at press time, according to a news release. The shelter has been providing free food, affordable vet care and other services to families with pets.

Watch the event here.

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