Jonas Brothers Watch Their Own Throwback Videos, Hilarity Ensues

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The Jonas Brothers played a game of “Throwin’ It Back” with Capital FM, providing commentary on some vintage videos.

The clip begins with a home video of a teenage Nick wearing a pink tank top as he introduces his stuffed animal “guests,” including a Mickey Mouse (which Joe joked is their “former boss”), for a segment they liked to do. Present-day Kevin says that they were “early day YouTube vloggers.”

“This is an interesting time where like this was before Instagram videos or YouTubes or Vines were created,” Nick says. “We were pioneers.”

A confident Joe then adds, “We’re the reason YouTube is even a thing, really. You’re welcome Youtube, and Vine and Instagram.”

Another snippet of a backstage video shows the brothers wearing matching red and white “jailhouse rock”-themed ensembles, including, notably, a long-haired Joe. “Those were strong flat iron days for me,” he confesses. “I was obsessed with the guy from Tokio Hotel, I wanted to be just like him.”

And how could anyone forget one of the most memorable moments of 2008? A clip of a leotard-wearing Joe performing Beyoncé’s iconic “Single Ladies” music video had the brothers reminiscing about how their label told them posting the video was “career suicide.”

They, however, believed in its potential, as Joe says: “This video came out that same day and everyone was talking about it, so I watched it for the first time, as you can kinda tell I’m watching right above the camera line. I’m literally watching her dance and trying to figure it out.”

Kevin adds, “The heels that you can’t see in this clip right now is why it’s incredible.”

Capping off the fun segment is the same video they remade for their reunion announcement back in February. “This is better than any music video we’ve ever made,” Joe says.

Watch the full clip below.

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