Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking With Seth Meyers, Write a Filthy Five Minute Pop Song

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The Jonas Brothers dropped by Late Night on Tuesday (Jan. 21) for a round of day drinking with host Seth Meyers, 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer and Seth’s brother Josh that included some brother-themed cocktails and a blitz(ed) songwriting session. The crew took over the Royal Palms Shuffleborad Club in Brooklyn to hoist some brews — actually chug a beer — before Seth and Kevin (the oldest brothers in the room) stepped up for a drink called The Firstborn.

The concoction featuring 30-year-old Glenfiddich whiskey, topped with a splash of O’Douls and plop of Alka-Seltzer, was followed by a tribute to the “babies,” Josh and Nick, who got their booze (Kahlua with Hi-C juice and Rosé) served in baby bottles. “That is not awesome,” winced Kevin, as forgotten middle child Joe got a jar full of random alcohol, with Meyers joking “nobody cares. He’s the middle child, it doesn’t matter if we screw him up, we’ve got two more.”

There were, of course, drinking games, starting with Meyers showing pics of famous brothers to the JoBros, with Nick gladly downing a shot of his own Villa One tequila when he and his siblings could not identify legendary family comedy troupe the Marx Brothers. They inexplicably cound identify the Wright Brothers (shot for Jack, Seth and Josh), but Nick was back up at the shot well when he mistakenly referred to the “Mendez Brothers” when shown a pic of the alleged parricide duo the Menendez Brothers.

As everyone got more visibly tipsy, they played a game of Hair Goalz, which required matching old JoBros hairstyles to the correct brother. When the tables were turned and the trio took their time, Meyers joked, “does it take you guys this long to write songs?” as the brothers dallied over matching their rivals’ old hairdos to the right face. “Even longer, and they’re all hits,” Nick shot back.

Things got even sloppier for “What a Man Gotta Do” shuffleboard — spoiler: more shots and toasts — and a final pop songwriting contest in which each team had five minutes to write a new hit after grabbing a title out of a bucket. You can probably guess who won that round, though you would never image how NSFW the JoBros went with their lyrics.

The Brothers kicked off the year with two videos for their new single “What a Man Gotta Do,” including a throwback rom-com one featuring their famous wives.

Watch the day drinking below.

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