JoJo Siwa Nearly Gets ‘Trampled’ by Phoenix Suns Player While Sitting Courtside at L.A. Lakers Game

2021-12-24T17:24:27+00:00December 24th, 2021|News|

JoJo Siwa got a little scare while sitting courtside at a recent Los Angeles Lakers game.

Sporting a Lakers jersey with matching purple and yellow socks, the 18-year-old pop singer and dancer was nearly trampled by Phoenix Suns player Jae Crowder during the NBA game at L.A.’s Arena, formerly the Staples Center, on Tuesday (Dec. 21).

In a video clip of the jarring moment, Siwa, who was seated next to her rumored girlfriend Katie Mills, is seen shielding her face and ducking as the 6-foot-6 Suns forward dives near her chair as he attempts to save the ball from going out of bounds.

“How’s it going down there, @itsjojosiwa?” the Suns captioned the video on its official Twitter account. Ever the good sport, Siwa replied, “Quite well.”

The singer and dancer also took to her Instagram Story after the game to share her excited reaction. “I just got trampled by a player,” Siwa said, according to People. “It was really cool. Also, I just saw my life flash before my eyes.”

She added, “If I wouldn’t have ducked, I would’ve been out, down for the count. I think I would’ve got a broken neck… It’s honestly really entertaining. It really spiced up the day.”

Watch Siwa’s close call at the Lakers-Suns game below.

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