JoJo Siwa Gives a Tearful Goodbye to Her Girlfriend: ‘It Happens Every Time’

2021-04-29T08:14:51+00:00April 29th, 2021|News|

It’s hard saying goodbye to a loved one, and Jojo Siwa is ready to openly talk about that with her fans.

In an Instagram story posted on Monday (April 26), Siwa posted a photo of herself crying over the caption “I. Don’t. Like. Saying. Goodbye.”

While some fans thought that Siwa’s post was an indication that she and her girlfriend Kylie Prew had broken up, the YouTube star quickly jumped on her stories to clarify what was actually going on.

“I just have to clarify — nothing happened, we just are long distance and we had to say goodbye today and I’m sad,” Siwa said of her girlfriend. “It happens every time we say goodbye and I wish we didn’t have to ever, but we do and it just makes when we get to say hi to each other even more special.”

She continued, thanking fans for their concern, while also letting them know that long-distance relationships can be tough. “I’m going to go keep doing this for a lot longer, but I just wanted to come on here because I knew you all were panicking for a second,” she said. “No need to panic, it’s just the reality of long-distance. It’s very, very, very hard, but it’s the most worth it ever.”

The couple had just gone on a trip together to Disney World, as Siwa showed in a picture posted to her Instagram of the two hugging one another in matching Buzz Lightyear shirts and masks. “I love you to infinity and beyond,” the caption read.


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