Jennifer Lopez Has Enough Miles For a Dubai Wedding, But Still No Ring in the Ozuna-Assisted ‘El Anillo’ Remix: Listen

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Courtesy Photo – Jennifer Lopez, “El Anillo”

Although the ring is still missing, Jennifer Lopez has the location for the wedding, or at least she is letting us know about it in her new “El Anillo” remix with Ozuna. If the song was already controversial, this new version has some fresh lyrics from Ozuna that properly answer Lopez’s questions about what a woman expects when she is in love.

Now, there’s no ring yet. But, Dubai could be the destination because J Lo surely had enough miles to get there.

Read “El Anillo” remix lyrics:


You ask me where’s the ring?

But I’m the one who’s waiting for you

Give it there model for me

Many want you but I am the one who governs

[Jennifer Lopez]

You treat me like a princess and you give me what I ask

You have the bat and the strength that I need

When we’re alone I swear I don’t lack of anything

You get a 13 out of 10 when we’re in bed

I’d never felt something so big

And your wild side drives me crazy

You’ve given me so much that I’ve been thinking

I already have everything

But… and the ring for when?

and the ring for when?

and the ring for when?


I like everything you bring

The ring is ready but I want to talk to you in the line

We do it and we commit ourselves

Do you like my game?

I brought some magic tricks

The ring no longer falls

But if you want we make a wedding in Dubai

With you no strike

I give him for 500 and he tells me that there are no rules

We do it, we do it, we do it

We look in the mirror and more I want to fall

As I don’t exist, I end up in the first

The second one goes to the G5

Dominican, Puerto Rican, you know, the race doesn’t fall, it doesn’t fall

You’re mine

[Jennifer Lopez]

I have flight miles to travel to Dubai

If you mention the G5 is parked in Hawaii, ay, ay

Don’t believe that I’m harassing you, oh

Dog that bites doesn’t go around barking, oh

I have spare in a row waiting, oh

Time is running out for you.

Check out the remix below.

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