Janet Jackson Surprises Gymnast Whose Floor Routine Went Viral: ‘It Just Inspired Me’

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Miss Jackson calling! Janet Jackson surprised Margzetta Frazier with a FaceTime call on Friday (Feb. 19) days after the UCLA gymnast went viral with a floor routine set to the superstar’s music.

According to Good Morning America, the athlete got a text saying she was getting a call in one minute. When the phone rang, the caller turned out to be Jackson herself.

“I would one day love to learn to tumble. And if I do, I would love for you to teach me!” the star tells Frazier in a video of the chat Jackson shared on Twitter. “I did it once in the video ‘Pleasure Principle,’ and the way it was shot, people didn’t think that it was me, but it was me doing the backflip!”

Frazier, with a big smile on her face, quickly agrees to give Jackson a lesson. The artists laughs, “I would love for you to teach me. … Hopefully, I won’t break anything!”

“I just want to say thank you, thank you for sharing your talent. It’s so beautiful to see you tumble, really inspiring,” Jackson continues in the call. “And it just inspired me to want to do more and be better and be stronger. I absolutely loved it.”

She wrapped up the call by telling an emotional Frazier again that she’d love to learn some of the gymnast’s moves and would be reaching out the next time she’s in Los Angeles, warning her, “I’m gonna be a mess, a hot mess!”

Frazier gained attention after a Feb. 10 routine during which she did an impressive set filled with powerful flips and a few of Jackson’s moves. It was set to a medley of the singer’s hit songs that included “Nasty.” The nearly flawless routine earned Frazier a score of 9.925.

The day after the routine, Jackson shared UCLA Gymnastic’s tweet of the clip, writing, “#iLuvIT” and tagging the athlete. Frazier reshared it with disbelief: “WOKE UP SCREAMING [crying face emojis] I LOVE YOU,” she tweeted. “I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT!!! YOU ARE WHY I LOVE TO DANCE.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, after Frazier’s call with the pop icon, the athlete had another event, during which she set two personal bests.

“She is the reason why I love gymnastics,” Frazier told the L.A. Times after the meet. “I really try my best to make it a performance to entertain, and that’s because of her.”

Watch Frazier’s call with Janet Jackson and her viral floor routine below.

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