Janet Jackson Remembers Aretha Franklin: ‘Her Music Will Live On Forever’

2018-08-18T08:48:43+00:00August 18th, 2018|News|

Janet Jackson stopped by iHeartRadio on Thursday (Aug. 16) to promote her new single “Made For Now,” and pay tribute to the late soul icon Aretha Franklin, who passed away earlier that morning.

“She lived down the street from my family and her kids used to come over to our house to play and we’d go to hers,” Jackson said in a somber tone. “I remember her with the red hair, the shoulder length hair, and her answering the door and this one day, in particular, I don’t know why and she had on a white midriff and a white skirt and she opened the door and there she was, Ms. Aretha Franklin. Respect.”

Remembering the Queen of Soul’s everlasting influence on music, Jackson continued, “It’s sad, you know? She’s still here with us. Her music will live on forever and what a voice and a great body of work. She inspired so many people and will continue to inspire generations to come.”

Watch the tribute below.

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