Jamie Jones & David Berrie Get Wonderfully Weird on ‘Doctor Zouk’

2018-09-14T11:25:14+00:00September 14th, 2018|News|

Eleanor Stills – Jamie Jones

What kind of creds do you need to see to trust a good doctor? Is it a fancy diploma from an exclusive university on the wall? Is it just a smart face with a kind smile? What if you got some twisted vocal samples over a primal beat and alien synth wobbles? Maybe you wouldn’t let that witchy doctor perform surgery, but you should absolutely set an appointment for the dance floor, stat.

“Doctor Zouk” is the wild physician in question, a new slice of sonic sex from Hot Creations headmaster Jaime Jones and his buddy David Berrie. Both producers are beloved for daring styles, but this bit of freshness is a hybrid most special.

“Our vibes met in the middle,” Jones is quoted in a press release. “‘Doctor Zouk’ started as a sample from an old record and morphed into a clubby, bouncy, dance-floor track.”

The track is Side A of a double EP. It’s partner “Future Society” drops with the full release Friday, Sept. 14, but you can see “Doctor Zouk” in his office below

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