James Corden Was Rihanna’s Assistant For a Day and She Hated It So Much

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There are several things James Corden is very good at — but being a personal assistant is definitely not one of them. Rihanna found that out the hard way on Thursday night (Sept. 23) when Corden descended on the set of her “Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3” as part of his latest “Take a Break” segment on The Late Late Show.

Volunteering to fill-in for RihRih’s assistant Carolyn, Corden blustered onto the set of the show, interrupting the singer — dressed elegantly in some of her Savage X Fenty black lingerie and a gauzy cover-up — with the offer to help out. “Well, Carolyn has been working with me for a while, so I guess I could have her take a little break,” Rihanna said, rolling her eyes as she walked away and tasked Carolyn with filling Corden in on the details of the gig.

James then proceeded to get just about everything wrong, including insisting that people need to look away and avoid all eye contact with the star, asking if it’s okay to call restaurants and demand “b—h better have my breadsticks” and then calling one and chewing the host out for not filling his reservation for nine for six minutes later.

“Yo, you don’t need to do that,” Rih told Corden when he again insisted that people look away as the singer came through. “Exactly, you don’t need to do that, let me be the bad buy,” Corden explained. Things only got worse from there, as Corden stole a cute skirt off the racks, made an off-color joke about personal grooming and even managed to be annoying while getting RihRih a cup of coffee.

Rihanna talked about the difficulty of pulling together the third edition of her intimates show — which is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting today (Sept. 24) — before being distracted by a giant display of the event’s models that inexplicably included a clearly PhotoShopped snap of Corden. “Wait, is this what you look like on Tinder or something? That is not your neckline, that is not your jawline,” Rih guffawed as a red-faced Corden shrunk into his clipboard.

The visit’s biggest disaster was a bit where Corden tried out some of the star’s signature inclusive make-up products on her make-up artist, making him look like a scary cat from outer space. After Rihanna explained the importance of inclusivity in her Fenty brand and shows, Corden then stepped in and tried on a neon jockstrap over his clothes and proceeded to also ruin some of the model’s catwalk moves as well.

Stepping in for the show’s movement director, Corden made some suggestions for alternative catwalk looks, including a West Side Story-like shuffle and dice roll, a horsey trot, the Robot and a series of self-face smacks, all of which left the models non-plussed and annoyed. Spoiler alert: Rihanna couldn’t stand it either. “I f—in’ hate it,” she said after the fashion fiasco preview was over.

Check out Corden on “Take a Break” below.

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