Jackson Wang Unveils Dramatic ‘Bullet to the Heart’ Music Video

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Jackson Wang is in pain in his new single “Bullet to the Heart.”

Out Tuesday (Sept. 24), Wang’s latest is an emotionally fraught track that features him sharing his regretful thoughts on love as he sings reflectively over a groovy, minimalistic melody and erratic, tinny beats.

“Bullet to the Heart” was released through a dramatic music video that sees Jackson struggling with a woman who has control over him. Aligned with the first verse, “Devil in a black dress/ They must have kicked you out of heaven,” she is veiled in a haunting, Dementor-like black outfit as she dance-manipulates the star and he struggles against her will.

Wang, a member of popular K-pop group GOT7 who also has a successful solo career in China and heads his own Team Wang label, said in a statement that he wants audiences to see “Bullet to the Heart” both as a love song and one about overcoming difficulties. “Listeners might analyze the song as a love story,” he said. “It is, but it’s also applicable to much more than romantic love. We always face different obstacles in life. No matter how successful you are, hardships are still going to keep coming like an endless cycle; they will keep torturing you on this journey to success. A perspective that I am trying to portray is that when your passion and dedication to something are so strong, they can hold a large amount of power over you! So powerful that you are willing to repeat this endless cycle, willing to accept the torture. I believe we are able to endure and accomplish anything because love overcomes everything.”

“Bullet to the Heart” is set to be featured on Wang’s upcoming first album Mirrors.

Watch the music video for Wang’s “Bullet to the Heart” below.

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