Jackson Wang Breaks Down His Debut Album ‘Mirrors’

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It’s been a few years now since GOT7’s Jackson Wang began releasing his solo music in 2016, first with a handful of Chinese singles and then, increasingly, music in English. Spending his time between being part of a popular K-pop boy band and heading his own label, Team Wang, he’s mostly released one-off songs, but has arrived today (Oct. 25) with his long-anticipated debut solo album Mirrors.

In the lead up to the album’s release, 25-year-old preceded Mirrors through music videos for songs like “Bullet to the Heart” — both the album and song titles are stylized in all caps –, “Dway!,” and a collaborative version of “I Love You 3000 II” with Stephanie Poetri, and Wang’s album arrived today along with a music video for “Titanic” with Rich Brian.

Throughout the eight tracks of Mirrors, the artist-producer spends his time singing and rapping about romance and his career, with lovelorn melancholy sitting sleekly beside his thoughts on his career.

Check out what Wang had to say about the tracks of Mirrors below.

“Bullet to the Heart”

I believe we’ve all gone through something before that we’ve had zero control over, but might’ve still held our heads up high through the uncontrollable pain. People tend to choose to leave situations when they are hurt, but I’ve definitely remained in certain situations through love. This song is about the heart throbbing pain you feel when you encounter these setbacks in life, and pushing through it.

“On the Rocks”

This is a sincere story of someone expressing his infatuation towards the heroine through the melody. The feelings and elements that I am trying to convey through this song are loneliness, stumbling, falling to the ground, but never giving up on the desire for love.


I use the word “对” (pronounced “Dway”) as an adlib throughout the song, which means “right” in the sense of — I believe that I am “right.” So far, what I’m most proud of is that I have never regretted any decision that I have made in the past. My current achievements are the results of my hard work, thus I naturally have a strong conviction that I am able to master my life. This song portrays that.

“Unless I’m With You”

My hope is that this song comes to mind when you are in love. Along the way you will meet many people, but there’s that one person who is constantly on your mind. The “one” in the song becomes the only person that I want to talk to, hope about, think about, and desire.

“Bad Back” feat. GoldLink

A relationship that has just been repaired is broken again. Experiencing uncertainty is inevitable in the process of healing from that. The producer of the song BoyToy uses heavy beats and oriental elements. You can hear the sound of a flute throughout the music. When you are healing by yourself and listening to the song alone in a room, no one will hear you, and no one will be able to interrupt your thoughts. Sing your emotions out.

“Titanic” feat. Rich Brian

Brian and I joined forces to make the best track to vibe out to. This song is all about getting hype, dancing, and having fun. I’m proud that we are representing Asian cultures together with this collaboration.


This song, which has been hiding for the past six months or so, finally has the chance to officially appear in front of you. It depicts a youthful boy’s heart, so let’s feel the enthusiasm that should have been ignited in this song over half a year ago. [Ed. note: Wang postponed the release of “Faded” as a single in March.]

“爱 (I Love You 3000 Chinese Version)”

“I Love You 3000” is a song that originally was inspired by The Avengers. I created a Chinese version with my own twist to it. I purposefully set this as the last song on the album to complete the sequence of various emotional stages that come through the previous tracks. People will experience a wide array of emotions in their lives, but love conquers all.

Listen to Jackson Wang’s Mirrors below.

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