Is New Justin Bieber Music Coming ‘Tomorrow’?

2019-12-26T12:15:03+00:00December 26th, 2019|News|

‘Tis the season for beliebing: Justin Bieber has dropped a few mysterious hints on social media that he’ll have something(s) to share throughout the holidays and well into 2020.

On Monday (Dec. 23), Bieber posted a new black and white portrait of himself along with a one-word clue: “tomorrow.” (It’s unclear as to whether he’s referring to a song or project title, the actual day of Dec. 24, or both — either way, we’ll be keeping an eye out.)

In the photo, Bieber is squatting on the bench of a graffiti-scrawled piano, and noted three dates in the caption — Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) and Jan. 3.

Yes, Christmas Eve is literally “tomorrow,” but could this be the name of a new track or project for the pop star? He’s been teasing the prospect of new music for months, with similarly vague Instagram posts and even mentioned that a new album could be coming before the end of 2019 back in October.

Either way, both Santa Claus and new Bieber developments are coming to town this holiday season, so make that playlist and check it twice — and leave some room for new tracks, just in case.

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