Is Adele Planning to Tour Around ’30’? Here’s What She Told John Mayer

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Mayer interviewed his fellow musician for SiriusXM’s Hits 1 ahead of Friday’s ’30’ release.

Adele‘s highly anticipated fourth studio album 30 is coming on Friday, but even though the 33-year-old has returned to music, fans shouldn’t anticipate the singer to embark on a globetrotting tour — at least not anytime soon.

In an interview with fellow musician John Mayer for SiriusXM’s Hits 1, Adele shared that while she was anxious to get out on the road and perform music live during the pandemic, she’s had a change of heart and doesn’t think touring is in her plans for 30.

“This album? No, probably not,” the singer replied to Mayer’s touring question. “I’d love to. I was actually desperate to tour, which for me is wild because I don’t like touring. … I got into the swing of it last time and obviously I’ve gone up to stadiums. Without sounding spoiled, it’s easier because there’s less shows, you reach more people, you get to stay in place. … It doesn’t sit right with me putting an album out this year and then touring it in 2023.”

Adele most recently performed at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory for her CBS special Adele: One Night Only, which aired on Sunday. The singer also gave previews of the tracks “Hold On” and “Love Is a Game” and debuted 30‘s second single “I Drink Wine” during the performance.

In a more lighthearted segment of the interview, Adele gave a heartwarming answer to Mayer after he asked if he should consider getting married in the future.

“Oh yes, you should get married. Yes, I think it is a really incredible thing, marriage. I know that some people probably think that I wouldn’t think that and, like, I gave up on it,” she said, referring to her album largely being about her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki. “But yes, I think you should. I can’t really say why, but I’m definitely open to being married again. I definitely am. The feeling I had in being married was the safest feeling I’ve ever had in my life, and sadly it didn’t work out, but I miss being married.”

Mayer later posted the marriage snippet of his interview with Adele to Instagram, writing, “I interviewed my friend @adele for @siriusxm, and her answer to this question was as evolved, honest and insightful as the rest of what she shared in our conversation. It airs Friday morning on Hits 1 at 7am ET. Her new album ‘30’ drops Thursday at midnight. It is exquisite, profound, and will surely soften the world’s heart. Thank you, Adele.”

Watch snippets from Adele and Mayer’s interview below.

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