Introducing ‘Edchup,’ The New Condiment From Ed Sheeran & Heinz Ketchup

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To celebrate National Ketchup Day (June 6), Ed Sheeran has teamed up with Heinz Ketchup to bring you his very own brand of Edchup.

This is, in fact, a real product that you can actually buy. It is the regular ketchup the world knows and loves, but in a limited-edition, Ed-inspired bottle.

It went on sale on a special Ed Sheeran x Heinz website for $5 plus shipping, limiting each order to five 32-ounce bottles. This unfortunately hasn’t stopped them from selling out, but Heinz suggested fans keep a lookout on their Instagram account for updates on restocks.

“It’s actually real and you’ll be able to get your hands on one very soon,” Sheeran shared in the caption of a photo of him holding his prized Edchup.

Sure, Sheeran has collaborated with almost every megastar — Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift — but this might just be his greatest pairing yet. The “I Don’t Care” singer has been obsessed with Heinz for years, so much so that he has their logo tattooed on his arm.

The obsession dates back to 2014, with Sheeran talking about his favorite condiment in several interviews. He even has his assistant carry around a bottle at all times in case there’s a time that calls for some extra sauce. A rep from Heinz confirmed that it’s only done wonders for the business and that a third of comments on their social posts are Sheeran fans.

In April, Sheeran reached out to the brand via Instagram: “Yo @heinz I have an idea for a TV ad if you wanna do one, if not I won’t be offended, I could never be mad at you…have your people call my people. Lots of love, your biggest fan x.”

The message was obviously received, because Sheeran teased the collaboration on May 2 and now it is here. We’ll officially never be able to shop in another condiment aisle at the grocery store without humming “Shape of You” under our breath again.

Check out Sheeran and his Edchup below.

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