Inanna Sarkis Shows There’s ‘No Beauty in War’ in New Video: Watch

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Musician, actress and social influencer Inanna Sarkis is using her platform to make an urgent call for change on her latest single and accompanying video for “No Beauty In War.”

The video showcases a full scope of what the singer is capable of, including a key visual style directed by Sarkis herself, and an earnest, direct delivery cloaked in catchy pop perfection. The strength of the song’s message of peace was the catalyst that forced Sarkis to overcome the self-doubt and adversity of breaking into the next stage of her burgeoning career.

“I’ve been working on this special project for almost two years now, but singing was a huge fear of me,” Sarkis shares. “Behind your worst fear lies your greatest successes.”

The video succeeds by leaving no room for interpretation as it begins with Sarkis reluctantly watching a news report about a local shooting, and doesn’t shy away from current hot-button issues, such as the separation of immigrant families and the reappraisal of toxic celebrity culture. As a child of Syrian and Bulgarian immigrant parents, a particularly a heart-wrenching moment centered around the Syrian refugee crisis feels deeply personal to Sarkis and reveals a vulnerability to her work as both a writer and director.

“I want to inspire people who need it,” Sarkis says. “With everything going wrong in the world, I wanted to find a way to speak to the masses and unite everyone as one. I wrote this song as an anthem for peace.”

She drives home her plea with parting words as the voice for the “generation of change.” Beyond her sensational abilities as a performer, Sarkis is proving to be a voice worth following.

Check out the song, released via Stem earlier this week, and video for “No Beauty In War” below.

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