If You’ve Ever Wondered What Iggy Azalea Orders at a Gas Station, Here It Is

2020-09-10T12:36:52+00:00September 10th, 2020|News|

Iggy Azalea has found a new passion in TikTok, and she’s been dominating the platform by taking part in all the app’s trends and executing them flawlessly.

The latest buzz around TikTok is exposing your “gas station order” to the tune of Nick Thompson and Og Ty’s “Hot Girl Summer.” For Iggy, her go-to picks include Ferrero Rocher confectionaries (or “Boujee granny Chocolates,” according to the rapper), peach tea mixed with lemonade and a hot dog.

Other TikTok trends Iggy has taken part in include the stargazing clips, the Euphoria makeup flex, and the photogenic freeze frame trend.

Watch her reveal her gas station order below.

@thenewclassicI’m aware… I know what’s in hotdogs. I know. I knoooooow….♬ Hot Girl Summer Dice Beat – sound.remixes

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