How P!nk Got Through Coronavirus Panic Attacks Over ‘Wondering If I Was Gonna Die’

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P!nk addressed her family’s struggle with coronavirus once more in a candid live chat about mental health with Vanessa Inn.

The pop star — who previously said she and her 3-year-old son, Jameson, had tested positive and recovered from COVID-19 — welcomed Inn, who she said has been “guiding me for 20 years,” to an Instagram Live session Friday (June 19).

“The idea came to me sort of when quarantine started, when this whole COVID-19 thing started, because mental health is always on my radar,” P!nk explained while waiting for Inn to join in.

“You can’t run from yourself in quarantine,” she pointed out. “You can’t run from your family.”

In their discussion, P!nk recalled how she and her son “got really sick.”

“I think this is really important for people right now with coronavirus,” she said of their talk. “You know, anxiety is rampant, and panic attacks, and just — we feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us a little bit right now and different people on different levels.”

P!nk continued: “And I was on the phone with you and I was having one of my very first panic attacks, and it was during the time where I was really afraid for Jameson and just exhausted from being… my adrenaline for 10 weeks of taking my son’s temperature and wondering if I was gonna die.”

“You did something with me that I didn’t know about,” the singer reminded her, and then went on to describe a grounding technique, or “wisdom medicine,” that she learned from Inn in that difficult moment.

“In the midst of a panic attack,” P!nk said, “it was incredibly timely because you told me to look for textures and patterns. And I looked down and I was wearing a paisley dress and sitting on a roque chair.”

On Friday’s live chat, Inn listened and then responded, “In that moment of anxiety and panic, what happens is we get out of the present moment … The idea is how to come back into the room, how to come pack into your body, how to come back to present.”

She suggested looking at textures, wiggling your toes or pulling on your earlobes.

“It’s just to get back to breathing,” Inn explained.

“It really worked,” P!nk said.

Watch their illuminating talk in its entirety below.

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