Hear the First Tracks From Odesza and Golden Features’ New Collaboration Bronson

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Seattle duo Odesza has been relatively quiet since wrappong their massive A Moment Apart world tour in Los Angeles last July. It was a well-earned break, given the heavy touring Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight had been doing since the 2017 release of their Grammy-nominated third LP, A Moment Apart.

Today, Odesza break the silence with their first music as Bronson, a collaboration with Australian producer Golden Features. The two tracks, “Heart Attack” (Feat. lau.ra) and “Vaults” are dually effervescent and emotive compositions that both reflect and expand each act’s respective style.

They come from Bronson’s eponymous debut album, out July 17 and including features from Gallant, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Lau.ra, of the British rock act Ultraísta. The new music is out via Ninja Tune and Odesza’s own Foreign Family Collective label.

“It was one of the earlier instrumentals we completed,” the trio say of “Vaults” in a press release, “and it acted as a cornerstone to the overall sound design and aesthetic of the album. The track really proved a departure from each artist’s own respective styles and set a definitive change in direction for the Bronson project. We knew we had something special here and it served as a guiding light for the rest of the record.”

This music is three years in the making, with Odesza and Golden Features first bonding over their mutual admiration and eventually meeting via FaceTime and swapping sound files on Dropbox. As the Bronson project took shape, the guys eventually met in person, spending a week together in a remote Australian coastal village south of Sydney to make the album.

The LP is intended to reflect, according to a press release, “their respective needs to challenge personal struggles, both internal and external. Moreover, the trio recognized that their own battles were merely microcosms of the surrounding world. The hope was to craft a body of work that was reflective of that duality of lightness and darkness inherent to the human condition.”

Hear Bronson’s two new singles and see the track listing for their forthcoming album below.

BronsonFoundation Heart Attack (feat. Lau.ra)
Know Me (feat. Gallant)
Call Out
Dawn (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

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