Harry Styles Says ‘Harry’s House’ Is His First Album Made ‘From a Real Place of Personal Freedom’

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Get ready to see a whole new side of Harry Styles. Following the release of his first single in three years, “As It Was,” the Grammy-winning pop star opened up to Sirius XM‘s The Morning Mash Up Friday (April 1) about his upcoming album Harry’s House, which he says is his most liberating project yet.

“I feel like it’s the first time I’m making music and putting music out from a real place of personal freedom,” he told hosts Stanley T, Ryan Sampson and Nicole Ryan. “That is a really liberating place to be creating from and now putting it out. So, the process for me has been easily the most joyous of anything that I’ve experienced so far while making music.”

“I think it’s inevitable that if you’re gonna make something that you care so much about, you’re gonna feel pressure and a lot of vulnerability when putting it out,” he continued. “And I feel very lucky that this is the proudest I’ve been of something that I’ve made so far. I feel the most comfortable I’ve been with myself and happiest with what I’m making.”

Word of Harry’s House — which comes out May 20 and boasts 13 tracks — arrived March 25 when Styles announced via social media that his third studio album was finally on the way, something fans had been predicting. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter gave props to his fanbase, which expertly deduced that he was behind a mysterious website and Twitter account called You Are Home that hinted his highly anticipated new music was coming.

“There’s not many (clues) that get left behind,” he laughed. “I’d say most of the time, they usually pick up on pretty much everything along with a couple of, uh, kind of hilarious coincidences that were never meant to be, never meant to be kind of clues in the first place that happen.”

And what does the “Watermelon Sugar” singer, who’s currently preparing for his Coachella show, always have inside his house? “I’d say coffee pot,” he told listeners. “I would say music, I guess like nice pair of headphones. And a candle, maybe a nice scented candle.”

Listen to Styles’ The Morning Mashup Up interview below:

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