Harry Styles Really Doesn’t Want to Play a Crosswalk Concert in L.A. Traffic on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch

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James Corden has a clever way of convincing his old pal Harry Styles to do things he’s really not up for and Wednesday night’s (Dec. 11) Late Late Show was the perfect example. With Corden off filming a movie and Styles fresh from filling in for the late night talker the night before, Harry was back on the Anthony Anderson-hosted episode for a pre-taped bit that put a new spin on Corden’s recurring “Crosswalk: The Musical” series.

Knowing that Harry gets to perform on outdoor stages on other shows like the Today Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Corden kindly offered his buddy a chance to play al fresco on Beverly Blvd. just outside the Late Late studios. “You’ll close this whole street down for me to perform a concert?” Styles asked wide-eyed. “That’s amazing.” Not exactly, Corden explained. “But we will be closing down the crosswalk when the light is red and you will have access to that for 30 seconds at a time… Along with anyone else who wants to use it.”

Styles, wearing a long, vibrant plaid coat, held an umbrella and glumly said, “I love James, but there’s no way I’m doing this. It’s an insane idea.” And he wasn’t buying James’ argument that it would be just like the famous image of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, and besides, Harry’s always going on about how he’s better than the Beatles. “I’ve literally never said that,” Styles reminded him.

And while Corden arranged for Styles to have dancers accompany him, he didn’t actually invite the singer’s band to the gig. Like a hair metal act from the 80s flyering to hype their next gig, Styles and Corden took to the streets to raise awareness for the red light show, with Harry lamenting that his name was misspelled on some of the leaflets, while others inexplicably featured a picture of Justin Bieber.

Wearing billowing black pants and a matching shimmery shirt, Styles rocked out “Kiwi” in front of pyro effects and a giant sign with his named spelled correctly, working the traffic lanes until the light changed, at which point he had to sprint back to base. After Corden tried to hawk merch to passing vehicles, he slipped into something uncomfortable — a skintight yellow bodysuit with flowing wings — and peformed some modern dance moves as Styles sang “Lights Up.”

At that point, Styles seemed somewhat convinced that the whole thing was a good idea. And then the crew ran back out with the dancers wearing giant watermelon costumes and spinning melon umbrellas for “Watermelon Sugar” from Styles’ upcoming second solo album, Fine Line, which is out Friday (Dec. 13). The whole insane bit ended with Styles unsure about the big, “dangerous” finale Corden had in mind — flying him over traffic in a harness for “Sign of the Times.”

How do you think that went?

Watch Styles get hung up during his Late Late Show performance.

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