Harry Styles Is a Total Catch in ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ Video

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Sweet creature? More like sea creature. Harry Styles just dropped the music video for “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” the third single off his third studio album, Harry’s House — released in May — and let’s just say things get a little fishy.

In the Aube Perrie-directed video, the 28-year-old pop star portrays a majestic, bearded sea creature reeled in by a group of fishermen and prepped for cooking by sushi chefs at a restaurant aptly called Gill’s. But when the staff realize that the merman is actually a gifted singer, they save him from the boiling pot and transform their eatery into a live music lounge, starring Sea Creature Harry — who turns into a total scuba diva in the process.

But when his voice suddenly dries up mid show? It’s back to the cutting board for him — literally.

The project was first teased the same day of its Oct. 27 release just after midnight ET, when Styles’ official “Headquarters” Twitter account posted a still image from the video. Some were quick to notice that the Harry in the photo — pictured with long, scruffy facial hair — reminded them a lot of the Harry in Olivia Wilde’s August Don’t Worry Darling film. No spoilers, but the name of Styles’ character, Jack Chambers, began trending on Twitter after fans compared the teaser photo to certain scenes from Darling in which the Grammy winner’s hair and face appear similarly unkempt.

Styles’ brand new video follows visuals made for his Harry’s House Hot 100-topping lead single, “As It Was,” as well as “Late Night Talking,” uploaded to YouTube in July. The former video featured the “Watermelon Sugar” singer strutting atop a rotating platform in a sparkly red jumpsuit, while the latter saw him traveling through different dreamscape scenarios, sitting on a mobile bed as it races through the streets of London.

Watch Harry Styles’ new music video for “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” below:

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