Harry Styles Has Perfect Response After Getting Pelted With Cold Chicken Nuggets During MSG Show: ‘Very Interesting Approach’

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There is a long, storied tradition of fans throwing keepsakes onto the stage to honor their favorite artists. Sometimes those precious moments involve the shedding of bras and underwear, while other stars are gifted with everything from shoes to t-shirts, hats, personal notes, live chickens/bats, lollipops, personal hygiene products and blunts.

But in the midst of his epic 15-show run at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (August 27) Harry Styles was hit with a deep-fried tribute that really made him laugh. “Very interesting, very interesting approach,” the unflappable singer said as he surveyed a few pieces of fast food goodness lobbed at his feet.

“Who threw the chicken nugget?” he asked as another cluck chunk flopped onto the stage. “It’s another chicken nugget!” And though he’s known for his chill, amiable nature, when fans began chanting “eat it! eat it!” Harry had to demure for health reasons. “I don’t eat chicken, sorry,” he explained.

“I don’t eat meat,” he went on before repeating the phrase in Italian and tossing the snack back. “First of all,” he said picking up the second fowl favor. “This is cold. And I’m assuming very old.” Then, seemingly spotting the poultry pelter he asked if the person wanted it back. “Why? Because! Don’t eat it,” he counseled as he hurled the second one. “Now it’s on the floor. Don’t got looking for it, we’ll get you another nugget.”

In the midst of the MSG Love on Tour run, last week Styles added another European leg to the outing for next year, as well as tacking on new shows on the North and South American legs of the trek.

Watch Styles sling some nuggets below.

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