Halsey’s about-face Makeup Line Is ’90s-Heavy, Very Myspace Scene Queen, Very Emo Revival’

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“Makeup is an art and art is about happy accidents, not any one ideal of perfection,” Halsey says of her new cosmetics collection.

It’s about time Halsey taught us a makeup trick or two, and now she’s giving fans the necessary tools with her new about-face makeup line.

Her multi-dimensional cosmetics collection boasts a “Make-u(p) without rules” tagline and has a “very ’90s-heavy, very Myspace scene queen, very emo revival” aesthetic, according to her interview with Byrdie. The Manic artist’s makeup colors outside the lines in the most pigmented of shades to highlight bold individualism and experimentation of one’s face like it’s a canvas that you can paint over and over again. “About-face” also stands for the initials of her real name, Ashley Frangipane, or could be interpreted as “as f—” when shortened.

“Makeup is an art and art is about happy accidents, not any one ideal of perfection,” Halsey said in a statement. “I always feel the most free when I am creating looks without following any rules. The beauty industry has norms, but I want to encourage people to challenge those standards and allow things to be imperfect and fun.”

The singer taught herself how to do makeup and created her most daring looks during concerts, editorials, music videos and red carpets as her own makeup artist. “I am a student and a lover and every detail of this from shade names, to product ingredients, to packaging was me,” the about-face founder and chief creative officer wrote on Twitter. “I am so happy I could faint!”

The vegan and cruelty-free makeup line contains three name-brand franchises: Light Lock, her ultra shiny face highlights, powders, shimmer sticks and lip glosses; Matte, her velvety smooth lip colors, lip pencils, eye paints and fix sprays; and Shadow Stick, her creamy vibrant eyeshadow crayons. Product prices range from $17 to $32.

“I have an autoimmune illness, so I’m very sensitive to what goes on my face,” she explained to Byrdie about the personal importance of the products’ ingredients, which also leave out parabens, gluten and synthetic fragrances. “And a lot of my audience, they’re really young, and I just don’t want anyone putting stuff on their face that’s going to hurt them down the line.”

About-face is set for a direct-to-consumer launch Jan. 25 on AboutFace.com in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Europe. The next drop, which will feature a limited-edition Matte lip, will drop on “Anti-Valentine’s Day” in early February.

Watch her about-face makeup line promo video below.

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