Halsey Teases New Album ‘Manic’ Will Top ‘Badlands’: ‘It’s So Real’

2019-11-11T14:15:26+00:00November 11th, 2019|News|

Halsey engaged in an impromptu, short-but-sweet Twitter Q&A with fans to offer a peek into her upcoming album, Manic, Sunday evening (Nov. 10).

“is manic better than badlands?” a fan asked Halsey, inquiring as to whether her third full-length studio album will rank above her debut.

“my friends and I think so. it’s just a different thing. it’s sooooooo real,” Halsey replied.

That left another fan wondering: “less theatrical then i’m assuming?”

“Not necessarily,” Halsey wrote. “In a weird way it is. It gets very grand and delusional and colorful at times. And then some times it’s very *tiny voice* and straight up. It’s called MANIC!!! Haha.”

“lol so will we have more songs like clementine?” a third fan tweeted.

“No 2 songs on the album are alike!” the singer teased.

Check out Halsey’s tweets about Manic — which drops in just a couple short months, on Jan. 17 — below.

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