Halsey Invites You to a Wild Carnival With New ‘Graveyard’ Video Teaser: Watch

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Halsey has been on a roll lately with her videos. Whether it was the grungy, empowering video for “Nightmare” or the whimsical, nautical clip for “Clementine,” the singer has been delivering on her visuals. And based on a recent post, it looks like she’s about to deliver once again.

On Thursday afternoon (Oct. 3), Halsey posted a clip teasing the full music video for her song “Graveyard,” due out on Tuesday (Oct. 8). In the new clip, we see glimpses of a rainbow-lit, gigantic ferris wheel operating in a dark amusement park. But before we can see anything else, the clip cuts away, showing a toy ferris wheel moving in someone’s bedroom. The camera shows Halsey sitting on her bed, sketching, and then a closeup of the video’s co-star, Euphoria’s Syndney Sweeney, apparently standing back in that carnival.

As has been typical in this new era of Halsey, the video has an oddly-specific release time — it will premiere on Oct. 8 at exactly 1:17 p.m. While that may seem like a random number to some, it’s actually a fun Easter egg for fans — the artist’s new album Manic will be released on Jan. 17, 2020.

This isn’t the first video for Halsey’s “Graveyard” that she’s released — two weeks ago, a few hours before the song’s release, she posted a live stream of herself painting a large self-portrait, which she later made into a time-lapse music video of sorts for the new song.

Check out the teaser for Halsey’s official “Graveyard” video below:

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October 8th, 1:17pm EST 🎡

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