Halsey Impersonates Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & More While Singing ‘Without Me’: Watch

2019-06-11T08:01:31+00:00June 11th, 2019|News|

Throughout her career, Halsey has covered songs from some of her favorite artists like the Jonas Brothers, Johnny Cash, the Spice Girls and more. But in a new video, the singer takes it a step further by trading in her covers for a set of celebrity impersonations.

In a recent video for the UK’s Capital FM, Halsey was tasked with singing her own song “Without Me” while also impersonating some of her fellow musicians. She kicks off the game with an Ariana Grande impression, taking on her breathy vocals while adding a few “ya’s” at the end of each line.

Halsey also offers up a Cardi B impression complete with her signature tongue trill, impersonates a young Justin Bieber with some choreographed dance moves and a flip of her bangs, and gives some Gaga by drawing a line down her nose, as her character Ally does in A Star Is Born. She closes with a solid impression of Miley Cyrus, as she widens her stance, adopts a louder voice, and of course, sticks out her tongue.

The singer is in London for an intimate show at the intimate Electric Ballroom on Monday night (June 10), following her massive performance at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. The night before her headlining performance, though, she made a stop in Paris to perform with BTS on their world tour. “These boys are so special… they are my family,” she said of the group in French.

Check out the full video of Halsey impersonating her peers below:

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