Halsey brought her anthem “Nightmare” to the finale of The Voice on Tuesday (May 21).

The stage was transformed into a dystopian-looking landscape, with pieces of piping and tubes dangling from the ceiling. From those dangling pipes, Halsey descended onto the stage, wearing a ripped-up cut-off denim shirt and a strap-filled two-piece as she wailed the opening to her track.

Throughout the performance, Halsey gave nods to the video released with her track, including one portion in which she and her all-female dancers hold up newspapers with headlines reading “It’s Our Turn!” As the performance came to a close, Halsey repeated her lyric “I’m no sweet dream/ but I’m a hell of a night,” until she was the only person left on the stage.

The star also revelled in her recent victories on Twitter, thanking her fans for helping her dominate pop music throughout the last year. “I found out ‘Without Me’ is the #1 most played song on pop radio this year, and ‘Nightmare’ is the most added song on radio this week,” she tweeted following her performance. “I am so beyond speechless. Thank you for taking my voice to places I never thought it’d touch.”

Check out Halsey’s performance of “Nightmare” during the finale of The Voice here: