Halsey Blooms in a Flower Bed in ‘Graveyard’ Spotify Vertical Video

2019-10-02T10:31:31+00:00October 2nd, 2019|News|

Halsey embraces the flower life in a new vertical video for her track “Graveyard.”

The clip, exclusively available on Spotify, features the singer with painted flowers all over her face and chest, camouflaged in a bed of roses. As she begins the second verse with the line “You look at me,” viewers are graced by a fresh-faced Halsey before the time-lapse video shows the intricate painting that went into this special treat.

Halsey maintains delicate poise when the painter strokes across her eyelids and neck, emitting a more life-giving approach to the grim song title.

It’s not the first time-lapse artwork Halsey has shown fans regarding “Graveyard”; ahead of the song’s release Sept. 13, she posted a seven-and-a-half hour YouTube livestream video the day before featuring her painting an elaborate, colorful self-portrait for the Manic album cover. A three-minute time-lapse version of her complex art project was released later that day. Check it out below.

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