Gwen Stefani Talks Shock At Engagement, Performs ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’ with Throwback Doppelgängers on ‘Tonight Show’

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Gwen Stefani performed her new single, “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (Jan. 5) and told host Jimmy Fallon the story of her “pretty magical” October engagement to longtime love Blake Shelton. “Wasn’t expecting it at the moment that it happened, at all,” she said of her shock after beginning to suspect that the country singer might never put a ring on it.

“Didn’t have any idea, nobody knew. I think he had told my dad on my birthday about two weeks earlier, and I gotta tell you, I was sorta like, What’s happening with us?” The couple dated for five years and Stefani joked that, “It was kind of in my mind like, We’ve been together a long time now. What’s going on? I was in that place in my head.” Just before it happened, she said the couple had a COVID-19 fight about safely traveling to Oklahoma to visit Blake’s family and they were “this close” to canceling the trip before everyone gathered at the ranch to celebrate the engagement.

As for the ring, Gwen said Blake had hidden it in the door of his “disgusting” truck, “and like you’re driving through trees and stuff and it could just like fall out at any point,” she said. But then Shelton saved the day by asking Stefani to grab something from the fire cabinet and she freaked out when she saw the bling and all was good, though now because of the pandemic they have no idea when they will actually have a wedding.

In honor of the single and its throwback look video, Stefani played a round of “50 Yes or Nos” with Fallon, answering questions about where she grew up, if she’s ever seen a UFO, her first job, if she can skank, if No Doubt will ever make music again, if she’s afraid of spiders and whether she believes in ghosts and love at first sight, and many more. For the record, she’s never tried avocado milk.

For the run through “Reintroduce,” Stefani was surrounded by four dancers dressed as her 1990s doppelgängers in high blonde ponytails, glittery blue pants and white sports bras. Stomping out to the island-spiced pop tune, Stefani rocked a retro-future look as well, mixing a fringed, cropped jean jacket with thigh-high blue vinyl boots over acid-washed jeans. Her signature bouncy performance style was also in full effect as she swayed and rocked through the breezy pop tune about coming back into the spotlight while video clips and the titles of her many hits scrolled on the screens behind her.

Check out Stefani on The Tonight Show below.

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