Gwen Stefani Needs You to ‘Slow Clap’ for Her Upcoming Single

2021-03-10T11:56:13+00:00March 10th, 2021|News|

A “Slow Clap” is required for Gwen Stefani’s latest announcement: Her new single is coming on Thursday.

Stefani giddies up for the single’s cover in her bedazzled and diamond-fringed cowgirl getup. A couple of Easter eggs, such as a boombox, basketball, alarm clock that reads 5:44, ice cream cone, cassette tape and bicycle, surround the iridescent star, some of which she’s already shown fans before.

The pop star teased her single on Monday with a picture of her inserting the “Slow Clap” cassette tape into a boombox, and on Sunday, Stefani posted a photo of an alarm clock with the time 5:44 on it.

No one is more excited to give her a round of applause than fiancé Blake Shelton — at least, according to some fan art. Stefani reposted fan-made graphics on her Instagram Story of a young Shelton cradling the “Slow Clap” cover art and another one of him sporting a dark-colored mullet while getting “Slow Clap” onto his desktop computer.

“Slow Clap” comes after her “not a comeback” single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” that she released on Dec. 7 as her upcoming fifth album’s lead single, which paved the way for her return to the pop, ska and reggae sound that defined her ‘90s breakthrough as the leader of No Doubt.

She told Billboard shortly before the holiday season that she probably has “like 19 or 20 songs now, but I still want to go back in and write some more once we get through Christmas” for her new solo album following 2016’s This Is What the Truth Feels Like.

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