Grum & Fehrplay Tap ’90s Trance for ‘Spirit’: Exclusive

2018-06-29T11:53:12+00:00June 29th, 2018|News|

Close your eyes and walk into a room full of smoke and sweat. You’re somewhere underground, the pulse of bass and synths pounding relentlessly in your ear. No one has their phone out, because there aren’t any portable phones worth bringing to the dance floor. It’s the ’90s, and the “Spirit” of electronic music is wild and free.

That’s kind of the vibe Grum and Fehrplay are going for with “Spirit,” a collaboration directly inspired by a time in dance before social media updates and overwhelming stage production.

“I’ve been a big fan of Fehrplay for the last few years,” Grum says in an emailed statement. “[I] love his music, and we have become friends through touring together. ‘Spirit’ started out as an idea I had, influenced by the classic ’90s Paul Oakenfold ‘Goa’ essential mix. I sent the demo to Jonas last year, and he really liked it, went away and worked some of his magic, and voila! Probably the most banging track I’ve been involved in – been loving dropping this the past few months.”

“Spirit” is a modern take on classic trance atmospheres, and it’s completely addicting. The progressive rhythm sees official release on Anjunabeats Friday, June 29

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