Griff Signs to Warner Records, Makes Electrifying Debut With ‘Mirror Talk’

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Pop singer Griff has officially signed to Warner Records, Billboard can exclusively announce today (July 4). The singer also makes her vibrant debut with the stunning “Mirror Talk.”

The track, which was written and co-produced by Griff, explores the inner conflicts of young adulthood. With minimal instrumentation, the song allows the listener to really focus in on the singer-songwriter’s powerful voice and vulnerable lyrics. “Time out, a minute to myself/ No make it five ’cause I feel like my mind is all over the place,” she sings over a percussive beat. “Too much, it’s happening too much/ Where I lose my shit and I lock myself in/ Damn I need some space.”

“The inspiration basically came from how as a hormonal teenage girl, everything feels like the end of the world,” Griff, who at only 18 years old just graduated high school, tells Billboard. “And there are so many moments whether at parties, school, writing sessions where you go to the toilet, spend like seven minutes too long in there getting your shit together.”

Of signing with Warner, the artist also tells Billboard: “I heard how Warner works with upcoming artists and how they pay attention to developing that process. Additionally, they didn’t put any pressure on me when thinking about a record deal, which gave me even more confidence that they believed in me and will give me the time to take my craft to the next level which in turn will give me the best opportunity to be heard.”

“It was very straightforward decision, she walked in at just 16 with a set of beautifully crafted songs, a truly stunning voice and a complete vision for her project that she was ready and able to deliver,” Warner’s Joe Kentish tells Billboard. “The level of sophistication she’s brought to everything she’s done so far has been incredible.”

The video for “Mirror Talk” is also set for release next week.

Listen to the confessional track below.

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