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In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard catches up with Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi to find out who he thinks should play him in a movie, what his current favorite album is, and how it felt to have a No. 1 song on the Official Singles Chart in the UK with “Someone You Loved” (which is currently at its fourth week topping that list).

Asked who he thinks would be best suited to portray him in a film, Capaldi tells Billboard that it would probably be Meat Loaf – largely due to the fact that people constantly send him tweets pointing out that he looks like the “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” singer.

“They don’t mean Meat Loaf as a young man,” Capaldi notes. “They mean Meat Loaf right now. Which, to me, that’s an offensive thing to say that I look like an older man.”

As for which record he can’t stop listening to at the moment, Capaldi reveals that he finds himself playing Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. quite frequently. “There’s not a bad song on it,” the singer states. “I just think it’s incredible.”

Capaldi also reveals that he would like to master the skill of “not oversharing,” explaining that he has a tendency to tell people too much about himself. For example, he recently did a radio interview in Amsterdam, and the entire conversation was based around him “having the shits.”

“That’s all they wanted to talk about,” Capaldi recalls. “I would like to be able to stop oversharing so that when I meet people they don’t just go, ‘Fuckin’, you shit, you do poos!’”

In the interview, Capaldi opens up about his song “Someone You Loved,” as well, and how it felt when the track reached the top of the charts in the UK.

“A top 100 single was never on the cards for me, really, like in my own head,” he confesses, adding that it was “incredible” to see the track climbing up the ranks week by week.

“I kind of wanted to write a song about loss and the feeling of losing someone,” he continues. “But that wasn’t necessarily specific to a relationship…I tried to create a broader kind of environment for the song and hopefully you can play it and think about anybody who you’ve lost.”

You can watch the full video interview with Lewis Capaldi above.

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