Get Ready to Cry – Emotional Piano Music by Piamime “Sadness”

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My original piano composition delves deep into the raw emotions of sadness. In this video, I share a piece that is very close to my heart, encapsulating the essence of melancholy through each note. FREE of use in videos Read more on Stream/Download page

“Sadness” is more than just a piano piece; it’s a musical journey through the depths of sorrow and introspection. Composed during a time of personal reflection, this piece is a testament to the power of music to convey feelings that words often cannot.

In this performance, I share the inspiration behind “Sadness.” I composed this piece on a rainy afternoon, where the somber weather mirrored my inner state. The haunting melody and the delicate harmonies are my way of expressing the inexpressible – the profound sadness that sometimes finds its way into our hearts.

While playing “Sadness,” I channel my own experiences with sadness, allowing my fingers to speak the language of my soul. Each chord and every progression is a reflection of my journey through grief, loss, and ultimately, acceptance. It’s a deeply personal piece, and my hope is that it resonates with you, providing comfort and a sense of shared understanding.

Please join me in experiencing “Sadness.” Whether you’re seeking solace or simply wish to immerse yourself in a poignant musical experience, I hope this piece touches you as deeply as it did me while creating it. Feel free to share your thoughts and emotions in the comments below. Your feedback is incredibly meaningful to me.

Thank you for listening.

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