Foo Fighters Share Wild Throwback Photo to Their First-Ever Gig…at a Keg Party

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All great things start small. True story, The Beatles were once dreamers with dodgy haircuts. Dolly Parton was raised in Locust Ridge, in a small home with no running water or electricity.

Need further proof? Head over to the Foo Fighters’ social accounts, where the monsters of rock share a time capsule which puts it all in perspective.

To celebrate their first quarter-century, Dave Grohl and Co. have posted a photo from their first-ever performance. It’s not a stadium show. Or an arena date. Nope, it’s a keg party in Seattle, with a fresh-faced Grohl up front with a guitar and mic.

The post reads, “There is a moment in every band’s history when you decide it’s time to load the gear out of the practice space and bring the music to the people for the first time. This was ours, 25 years ago today. Keg party at the Marine Store, Seattle Wa…”

A separate message continues: “25 years later, the fear and stage fright may have faded, but the love of making music with my friends is stronger than ever. Happy anniversary, fellas.”

Grohl was already a star in music circles, having done his part to change the world as drummer with Nirvana, now a Hall of Fame inductee. With the Foos, Grohl started again, the photographic evidence of which is out there for us all to see. The Foos didn’t emerge perfectly formed, ready to fill out the biggest stages on earth.

Earlier this week, the Foos announced they’ll hit the road for a 25th anniversary trek that’ll see them playing at the same cities as during their 1995 tour when Grohl, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear hit the road in a Dodge van. It’s aptly-named The Van Tour 2020. The rockers have also teased a new album release sometime this year.

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