Excuse Me, This Ariana Grande Netflix Film Teaser Is Everything

2020-12-11T17:24:40+00:00December 11th, 2020|News|

Ariana Grande is giving fans the best holiday gift in a year without live touring. She’s set to drop a Netflix film about her Sweetener World Tour titled Excuse Me, I Love You on Dec. 21 — and on Thursday (Dec. 10), the streaming service shared a teaser.

In the one-minute clip, “7 Rings” is heard playing as the pop star walks around backstage at a venue in her characteristically high heels. “Hello?” she asks upon entering a room, before realizing there’s no one there. “I have no idea where the f— I’m going.”

Scenes then flash of the massive world tour, including onstage footage and behind-the-scenes moments. “I know that it’s been hard, physically and mentally, but, like, this show for sure saved my life this year,” a misty-eyed Grande is heard telling her team.

The Sweetener World Tour was Grande’s biggest yet, yielding the highest total gross, total attendance, number of shows (97), average gross ($1.509 million), average attendance (13,699 tickets), and average ticket price of her career ($110.18).

Watch the new teaser below.

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