Ed Sheeran to Read Story About Boy With Stutter on ‘Bedtime Stories’

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Ed Sheeran will read from the book I Talk Like a River on an upcoming episode of CBeebies Bedtime Story, unfolding the tale of a young boy who has a stutter. Sheeran told the BBC that he was “delighted” to read the 2020 children’s book by Jordan Scott and Sydney Smith about a boy whose father helps him navigate the world by describing the flow of his words as being akin to a river because he can totally relate.

“Growing up, I had a stutter like the boy in I Talk Like a River, so I’m delighted to be reading this story for CBeebies Bedtime Stories, especially as I’m a new dad myself,” Sheeran told the BBC, adding that he hopes “the story helps inspire and support other children who stutter.”

Ed’s visit to the CBeebies series will put him in good company with other stars who’ve stopped by to read to kids on the show, including Dolly Parton, Dave Grohl, Sir Elton John, Mark Ronson, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Ryan Reynolds, David Hasselhoff, Josh Homme Regé-Jean Page and many more; the episode will air on Nov. 5 on the CBeebies channel and the BBC iPlayer.

In an ad for the appearance, Sheeran says, “When I was little, I had a stutter. And that means when I spoke, sometimes the words got a bit stuck on the way out. And it made me feel different, because, you know, I’d be in school and the teacher would ask a question that I would know the answer to, and I’d put my hand in the air and then when it came to my turn to answers, I couldn’t get the words out. And I used to worry that I’d never be able to speak without stuttering. But now I sing and I talk to people all the time. Sometimes to LOTS of people! Perhaps you have a stutter too? Or you know someone who does?

Do you know a child who stutters? @edsheeran is reading an ‘Ed-time’ Story about it on Fri 5th Nov

I Talk Like a River by @jscottwrites & @Sydneydraws #CBeebiesBedtimeStories #InternationalStutteringAwarenessDay@thepalincentre @ascstammering @stammer pic.twitter.com/edywt6EwpX

— CBeebies Grown-Ups (@CBeebiesHQ) October 22, 2021

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